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It’s Shocking How Much India’s Spending On Health Sector As Compared To Other Countries


It’s Shocking How Much India’s Spending On Health Sector As Compared To Other Countries

Budgeting plays a vital role in the growth of a country’s economy. The funding of our country needs to be redirected from current allocations and the ruling party of our country needs to prioritize spending money on the health sector of India.

India’s expenditure on the health sector is a little less than 2 per cent GDP. As per the reports of National Health Profile India is even below Singapore which is considered to be the lowest public spend on health at 2.2 per cent among other countries with notable Universal Health Coverage.

India currently spends a bit more than 1 per cent GDP on the health sector. Though the expenditure has risen from 1.2 per cent GDP in 2013- 14 to 1.4 per cent in 2017-18.

Former Health Minister JP Nadda earlier said quoting the economic survey of 2017 -18 “Government has risen the total public health expenditure (Centre and States) from Rs 1.49 lakh crore in 2014-15 to Rs 2.25 lakh crore in 2017-18.”

However, let’s take a glimpse of how much other countries spend on the health care of their country the USA spends 17.9 %, Switzerland spends 12.25 %, the United Kingdom (UK) spends 9.8 %, Canada spends 11.3 %, Australia spends 10.3 %, Germany spends 11.1 %, France spends 11.4 per cent.

As per the reports surfacing social media, it is said Arvind Kejriwal has allotted Rs. 7845 cr for Healthcare of Delhi with a population of 2 crore people. Budget allotted by Narendra Modi for entire India for Ayushman Bharat is Rs. 6400 cr.

Health care is one of the most important necessities for humans and our governing body should be focusing on it most importantly. We don’t need big statues to be built-in the country rather we want every person being able to take care of their health with ease. When you’re using the movie of the taxpayers please use it in the right path.

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