What Iulia Vantur Revealed Will Break The Hearts Of All Salman Khan Fans

For a long time now, there have been rumors of link-up of Dabangg Salman Khan and Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur and finally, it’s established that there is definitely something between the two, as Iulia was seen with Salman many times!


TV presenter and actor, Iulia visited India in recent times and was seen with boyfriend Salman at the wedding reception of Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. Not only this, she accompanied the “Sultan” star for his upcoming film’s shooting in Ladakh. Her pics with Khan family also surfaced over web and social media and taking into consideration these public appearances of the couple, speculations were made that their marriage might take place shortly.

But recent reports suggest that Salman and Iulia are no more in a relationship and this is why she went back to her country.


Lately Vantur was awarded as the ‘Successful Woman’ in Romania at an event where she denied discussing her alleged relation with the “Wanted” star.

Nevertheless, she at last broke her silence regarding the matter while interacting with a Romanian publication and disclosed that she didn’t have any plans to marry Salman Khan. She stated “cultural differences” as a chief reason as to why she returned to Romania.


On the question of tying knot when she visited India, Vantur said,

“I have been married, and I have left my previous husband in the past. But then I was in India, neither did I marry, nor did I part ways with anyone. God forbid!”

Additionally, she discussed about problems when it comes to adjust with the culture of India.

In her words,

“I started to sing in Hindi, and took singing lessons. I worked hard for many years and it bothers me that only my private life has been discussed. The last time I stayed in India for five-six months, it indicated a lot of things that I do not want to address. But the Indian mentality is really different, the culture, the people. Everything is different.”


She added,

“You do not have as much privacy, because you stay with many people in one house. I also did not realise that I had to dress a certain way on the streets. Now, I understand that my clothing was too lowcut.”

Let’s wait and see if she comes back to India or things start setting right between the couple!

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