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“I’ve Seen Players Scoring 30s & Surviving For Years,” Says Indian Legend On Virat’s Lean Phase


“I’ve Seen Players Scoring 30s & Surviving For Years,” Says Indian Legend On Virat’s Lean Phase

The Indian cricketer Virat Kohli may not be with the Indian team on the West Indies tour but he is still a topic of discussion in the cricket circles because of his prolonged lean phase. The former skipper has not scored a century in the last three years, however there was a time when he used to hit centuries on a regular basis. How great a player he is can be understood by the fact that he has 70 international centuries to his name and he is the third in the list of players with the most international centuries after Ricky Ponting (71) and Sachin Tendulkar (100).

While some former cricketers are of the opinion that Virat Kohli should take a break from cricket for some time, there are few others including Kapil Dev who suggested that Virat should be dropped from the team as there are many in-form youngsters who are ready to perform for the country. Kapil Dev states that if the world’s number 2 test bowler Ravichandran Ashwin can be made to sit out, why a batsman who used to be number one at one point of time can’t be made to sit out when he is not performing well.

Now, the former Indian woman cricketer Anjum Chopra who is certainly a legend also opens up on this matter. In an interview, she says that it is Virat Kohli himself who knows what he needs because when a player is not able to score runs as per his standards, he practices more. Anjum Chopra adds that she is pretty sure Virat must be practicing more and he will be doing everything that is needed to get back in form. She further lays emphasis on practice by saying that the manner in which international cricket goes, practicing more is the only way to get back in form.

She goes on to say that a player can only make efforts to get his touch back and Kohli must be doing the same but sometimes things don’t go your way. As per her, the huge praises and the great manner in which he attracted attention in the old days, this dip was quite certain to happen.

Anjum Chopra says that she has seen players scoring in 30s and 40s and surviving in the Indian team for many years but Virat has set the standards so high that 30 and 40 look very less. She further points out that it is just a matter of time and he will be making big scores again.

Anjum Chopra is currently a cricket commentator who made her debut in the year 1995 and took retirement in 2012. She has led the team as well and in her illustrious career, she played 12 test matches, 127 ODIs and 18 T20Is for the country in which she scored 548 runs, 2856 runs and 241 runs, respectively.

She is a motivational speaker and has conducted training programs for some big names of the corporate world such as Vodafone, General Electric, Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Do you agree with Anjum Chopra that it is just a matter of time that Virat Kohli will be scoring runs freely soon?

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