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Journalist Asked Dhoni Why He Didn’t Use Harbhajan. His Answer Made Everyone Laugh


Journalist Asked Dhoni Why He Didn’t Use Harbhajan. His Answer Made Everyone Laugh

MS Dhoni is a great team manager and leader. He was excellent when he used to be the captain of Team India and now that he leads Team CSK, he is still amazing.

There is absolutely no doubt on the decision making and management skills of Dhoni. Whatever he decides and plans is perfect for the team. And the way CSK has proved to be a team of rockstars is the proof of the fact.

Now that CSK is heading to fight it out with Hyderabad Sunrisers in the final match of this IPL season, there’s a lot of excitement around.

Now before the final, there’s one question that is in everyone’s mind – Why Harbhajan Singh has been underused? He was one of the best bowlers in last IPL seasons and has been well utilised. But ever since he has entered the CSK team he has not been well utilised.

MS Dhoni was asked this question recently and he made everyone laugh with his answer. he said-

“You know, I have a lot of cars and bikes in my house and I don’t ride all at a time.”

As he said this, whole room started laughing.

Here’s the video;

Click here to watch the video on Twitter.

He continued-

“When you have six to seven bowlers in your side, you want to see the conditions. You want to see who is batting and what is needed at that point in time. In the past, we had Negi and Jadeja, and I gave them different slots of bowling. And the unreal thing is that a lot of times the player gets criticised at times for what the batsman is doing.”

He also added-

“I always check what is the condition and what is in the best interest of the team than before deciding on the bowler as to who has the best chance to succeed over the bowler. Like in the last game I didn’t feel it was necessary for him to bowl. But for Bhajji, he is really experienced when it comes to any format of the game.”

Wasn’t his answer really smart?

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