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Journo Asked Priyanka Question On Feminism. She Blasted Him In Most Kickass Way

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Journo Asked Priyanka Question On Feminism. She Blasted Him In Most Kickass Way

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most beautiful, popular and talented actress of the present times. She’s not only a renowned Bollywood star but also an international celebrity and sky is the limit for her. In fact, B-Town’s Desi Girl is the source of inspiration for many youngsters who want to achieve big in life.

There’s absolutely no denying the fact that PeeCee is a perfect example of beauty with brains and she proved it once again at Global Education & Skills Forum (GESF) 2018.

Prior to going back to Mumbai, the “Quantico” star went to Dubai for attending the event and it was there that a journalist asked her “if slapping a man for teasing a woman is equality”.

Well, Priyanka never minces her words and often expresses her views over women empowerment, gender disparity, etc.

The reporter asked her,

“Why is that a feminist never take up a stand for a man who is physically abused? If a man slaps a woman, it is a crime.. But when a man eve-teases a woman and she slaps him, no one says a word on the abuse of a man. Where is your equality?”

She firstly explained him about feminism and at the same time narrated the basic difference between feminism and gender equality.

Here’s what Priyanka said,

“Physiologically men and women are different. There is no debate about it. When we talk about equality and opportunity, we talk about cerebral opportunity. We are not saying we want to able to be like a 200 pound man and beat the shit out of somebody else. We are not saying that.”

She also added that no one should question a woman what and when she wants to do something in life. In her words,

“We are saying you give the ability to get the job, to be the CEO and nobody questions when you’re driven at 50 and have three children, how you managing, don’t question me at all. That’s what I am saying. I can be a CEO and a mother.”

And here comes the epic reply of the question when Priyanka said,

“So when a girl slaps a man who teases her, he deserves it.”

Click next on the video to see both the videos:

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You nailed it PeeCee!

How did you find Priyanka’s reply? Let us know.

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