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Journo Complained About Tea Vendor Cheating Him For Rs 10, This Is What Indian Railways Did


Journo Complained About Tea Vendor Cheating Him For Rs 10, This Is What Indian Railways Did

Social media networks have certainly empowered common man and have made it easy for him to speak about his concerns and the good thing is that he is also heard and sometimes his concerns also get resolved, though not everyone is lucky in this regard.

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The Indian Railways uses social media platforms for sharing their updates and also as a medium for communicating with passengers. Many times we have seen that the railways has solved problems of the whether it is regarding hooligans creating chaos in a train, arranging a doctor for a passenger who is ill, providing milk for a baby and so on.

Recently, a passenger took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and narrated an incident in which he was cheated by a tea vendor. The name of the person is Pritam Saha and he is a journalist by profession, he bought tea costing Rs. 10 from a vendor but paid Rs. 20.

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The vendor told Pritam that he would return the remaining Rs. 10 when he would come back but he didn’t return.

When Pritam talked to other tea vendors, they told him that it is a regular thing with that vendor and they are also facing problems because of him.

Pritam Saha was travelling in Netaji Express (12312) from Ghaziabad to Howrah and this incident took place ahead of Prayagraj.

Soon he was contacted by the railways and was asked to share his details such as PNR number and phone number. He also got a fraud call, may be because he was asked to share his details in direct message but he shared it openly, however the good thing was that he dodged the call. Later on, he was contacted by the railways officials after which he also got his Rs. 10 back and he was also assured that strict action is being taken against that vendor.

Soon Twitterati reacted on this matter, while some praised the journalist and the Indian Railways, there were many who talked about their problems which were not solved and stated that Pritam Saha’s issue got resolved because he is a journalist.

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