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Judge Gave The Most ‘Unique’ And ‘Hilarious’ Decision To Prevent Divorce! We Bet You’ll Love It!


Judge Gave The Most ‘Unique’ And ‘Hilarious’ Decision To Prevent Divorce! We Bet You’ll Love It!

Divorce can be prevented very easily, isn’t it? It simply requires understanding on the part of the couple, some compromises and a chance to start this relation fresh. However, these traditional methods are all gone now. There are some new techniques which can help prevent divorce.

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Something new happened in the courtroom. Do you want to hear it out? Well, leaving aside traditional methods, this Indore based judged tried saving marriage by giving a unique advice. Curious to hear?

He suggested the husband to give a Sari to his wife, isn’t it a great idea? Yes, as per reports, while hearing a divorce petition in Khargone court, Gangacharan Dubey, the Chief Judicial magistrate created a comic situation. Now, Sanju (Husband) started praising Ranu(His wife) and also gave her a saree which he specially bought for her. As per reports, Sanju said “You are very beautiful and when you wear this, you will look stunning.”.

Yes, this was the idea Sanju got from the judge. Do you want to know why the judge gave this decision? Well, the judge observed that Ranu felt quite ignored and lonely and hence, this decision.Now, his wife wasn’t impressed even after being gifted a saree. The judge then ordered Sanju to take her out for shopping. Justice Dubey also added that women only need some appreciation and care to be happy. So guys, what do you have to say about this? Do let us know your comments in our comments section below!

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