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Just After Exchanging Jaimala, Groom Lost His Life In Celebratory Firing


Just After Exchanging Jaimala, Groom Lost His Life In Celebratory Firing

Marriage is one of the most important events of an individual’s life and it is no hidden fact that Indians love to indulge in wedding celebrations. Here we must not forget to mention that Indians are pretty famous for their big fat wedding ceremonies as well.

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However, sometimes these moments of happiness are spoiled by stupid acts of guests or relatives and celebrations turn into tragedy. An incident has been reported from Patna, Bihar, in which a groom lost his life because of the celebratory firing that was carried on by his guests.

The groom hailed from a village named Harshamchak which comes under the area of Akhilpur police station. The marriage procession reached the venue at around 10 pm and after the garlands were exchanged, a friend of the groom took to the stage and started dancing.

Later the groom’s friend began firing in the air but things turned real ugly when three bullets got misfired while he was clearing the barrel. Out of these three bullets, one hit the groom while another hit the groom’s brother.

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The injured people were admitted in a local hospital in Danapur but the groom didn’t survive and lost the battle of life on Monday while his brother is still fighting for life.

Ashok Mishra, the Assistant Police Commissioner of Danapur, told a news daily that the person who shot the celebratory fire has not been identified yet. He said that the culprit is on the run and the forensic team has also visited the crime spot for collecting evidences which can be of a great help in investigation. The police has filed an FIR and they are also waiting for the video recording in order to evaluate what actually happened.

Such incidents are taking place despite the fact that celebratory firing has been banned by the Bihar police in social functions, events, etc. These kinds of incidents are very saddening and ruin more than one life.

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