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Kaalakaandi, Mukkabaaz & 1921 Honest Movie Review Is Out. Read It Before Watching The Movies

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Kaalakaandi, Mukkabaaz & 1921 Honest Movie Review Is Out. Read It Before Watching The Movies

Ever since we have entered in 2018, this is the first Friday when Bollywood Box Office has seen the release of some noticeable films. Last Friday was a dry one as the films which released had negligible awareness.

Today the Box Office has seen the release of 3 noticeable films i.e Mukkabaaz, 1921 and Kaalakaandi. All the films do have some sort of appeal for their target audience but since the audience size is not big, no film will be a success until it has an excellent word of mouth.

But do they have the potential to get that kind of word of mouth? Let’s have a look?

1921 Review (Rating: 2/5)

Horror is one genre in Bollywood that still needs to be explored in Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood horror films fall flat on their face and hardly meet the expectations. No wonder whenever a Bollywood horror film releases, it becomes a topic of trolling.

Vikram Bhatt’s 1920 franchise has built some sort of respect with relatively better content and enough scary moments in the 1st three installments but do the 4th one meet expectations? Well, it would be right to call 1921 a mish-mash of exciting and bad moments.

The story and script of the film do have some really horrific scenes that will send a chill down your spine. These scenes will make you feel intrigued, but at the same time you will have moments that are absolutely laugh-worthy and dilute the experience.

It is at these very moments you regret making a choice to watch the film.

Zareen Khan has given a performance worth applause or say Vikram Bhatt has brought the best out of her. However, he couldn’t do the same with Karan Kundra who makes sure to bore you with his below average performance.

Overall, 1921 works in parts but that’s not enough to go and give the movie a chance.

Mukkabaaz (Rating 3.5/5)

We all know how hard Vineet Singh trained himself for the film. He went through some real pain and struggle to justify the character of a boxer he plays in the film Plus when you have Anurag Kashyap helming the affair, the things are bound to get extra gritty.

Mukkabaaz provides you a wholesome affair with that raw and rustic feel. It has romance, drama, action, emotions and everything you need to feel entertained with a bonus of good script.

Performances are power packed. Be it Vineet, Jimmy Sheirgill or the actress Zoya Hussain, everyone fits perfectly in the things and give out a memorable performance. Anurag Kashyap has given a really good direction and has brought some really complex things in a really nice way.

Overall, a film worth checking out this weekend but don’t watch it with expectations equal to Kashyap’s previous masterpieces like GOW.

Kaalakaandi Review (Rating: 2/5)


Now, this is the movie starring Saif Ali Khan in lead which released with a lot of expectations today. The expectations to bring Saif back on track (if by chance the content clicks). Sadly, it doesn’t.

Kaalakaandi released today after some really nice promotions but the mediocre content leaves the audience in bad taste.

Story narration is in a way that no one really understands. The narrative and script constantly challenge your common sense and make you feel sick. Must be said that it’s a great to watch this fil till last.

Saif Ali Khan is the only saving grace as he gives a terrific performance. Other talented actors like Vijay Raaz, Deepak Dobriyal are wasted.

Director Akshat Verma looked clueless and had no idea about how the film was shaping up it seems. He has given a terrible direction.

Overall, Kaalakaandi can be missed for sure unless you really want to go and waste your money.

Which film are you going to watch out of these?

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