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Kader Khan Is Happy For NOT Getting Padma Bhushan; Here’s Why


Kader Khan Is Happy For NOT Getting Padma Bhushan; Here’s Why

After looking at the names of Bollywood celebrities who have been included in the list of ‘Padma awardees’ this year, the veteran actor-writer Kader Khan is happy that he is not in the list. In his words, “it’s good that I did not get one”.

The ‘Padma awardees’ list includes Rajinikanth, Anupam Kher, Priyanka Chopra, Madhur Bhandarkar, S.S. Rajamouli, Udit Narayan and Malini Awasthi and some others.

The 79-yr veteran actor feels that “flattering” also plays an important role in getting the award as he stated in an interview, “… it’s good that they did not give me a Padma Shri. I have neither flattered anyone in my life, nor will I ever. I don’t want these awards if they have been given to people (in the industry) who got it this time.”

What he feels is, “an award is a no big thing, but its importance lies in the people it has been conferred upon”.

He further added, “Earlier, there was a certain honesty in these awards but it’s not the same case now. People have now forgotten to respect others and have become way too selfish. I would think that I was not as capable as those who were chosen for the Padma awards this year. I, however, thank all those who proposed my name for it.”

Kader Khan has entertained the public for a long time and has done some memorable roles but he is not happy with the actors who are becoming politicians. For all those, he has said this, “I would like to urge all the actors to return from the politics. ‘Laut aao, politics tumhari manzil nahi hai’ (Come back, politics is not your destination). It is only breaking you.”

The veteran actor was also not happy with actor Anupam Kher getting Padma Bhushan, as he asks “What has he done except singing praises for (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi.”

Kader Khan feels that the love of audience which he has got all these years in the biggest honor. He further expressed his displeasure over Anupam Kher getting award, “I am not contesting the government’s decision of conferring him with the award but the only thing I want to know is the credentials that I lacked for it (the award).”

The list of Padma awardees was announced by the govt on January 25 and since then, a lot is being said and written on the social media about Anupam’s name in the list, considering a fact that in 2010, Anupam himself made a tweet seeking the genuineness of Padma Awards.

His inclusion is raising more eye-brows as his wife Kiron Kher is a BJP MP from Chandigarh and he has also led the “Tolerance March” which was a protest against all those who were a part of “Award Wapsi” campaign in the name of growing intolerance in the country. Well, Malini Awasthi and Madhur Bhandarkar were also a part of this tolerance march.

Many actors and directors from the Bollywood have demanded Padma Shri for Kader Khan last year and he shows his gratitude for them as he maintains, “If the government feels that I have done good work, it will honour me. It’s people’s love that they are demanding it for me.”

Kader Khan was last seen in director Fauzia Arshi’s “Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi”.


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