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“Kahin Aur Ka Gussa Comes Out On Me,” Sakshi Discloses Some Interesting Secrets Of Dhoni


“Kahin Aur Ka Gussa Comes Out On Me,” Sakshi Discloses Some Interesting Secrets Of Dhoni

Sakshi Dhoni, the wife of former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni, celebrated her 32nd birthday yesterday (19 Nov) and social media networks were flooded with best wishes for her. Her photos of celebration also started getting circulated and people loved to see her with her husband and daughter. The IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings also came up with a video of Sakshi in which she revealed some secrets of MS Dhoni.

In the clip, Sakshi discloses that Dhoni is usually very calm and it is only she who can either upset or provoke him because she is the closest person to him and sometimes because of this, she has to bear the anger which someone else should have borne but she is ok with it. She also tells that they never talk or discuss about cricket at home because they are professionals and it doesn’t seem nice talking about their work.

As per Sakshi, she was completely okay with Dhoni not being with her at the time of Ziva’s birth because she was a pre-planned baby and they knew that she would take birth during the world cup. She further says that though everyone was talking about Dhoni not coming back, she was fine with it as cricket is Dhoni’s priority and he is Sakshi’s priority. At one fell swoop, she also adds that there is no sacrifice in love as whatever you do for a person you do it because you love him.

Sakshi also opened up about Dhoni’s hairstyle and said that it was good that she didn’t meet him when he had orange shaded long hair because then she wouldn’t have even seen him. Talking about Ziva, Sakshi says that the little angel only listens to her father; she has to tell Ziva 10 times to do some work but if Mahi will ask Ziva to do something, she will do it in a jiffy.

Here is the video:

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MS Dhoni took retirement from the international cricket in August this year and presently he is playing only in IPL in which he has been leading Chennai Super Kings since the inaugural edition, i.e., IPL 2008. Dhoni is the second most successful skipper of IPL with 3 title wins, the most successful skipper being Rohit Sharma with 5 title wins. However, this year CSK performed pretty badly and Dhoni was also slammed for some of his decisions. Well, his fans are hoping to see him in a good form in IPL 2021 which may start in the month of March next year.

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