Kaif Congratulated India In Jadhav Case & A User Trolled Him! He Shut The Troll Like A Boss

It was definitely a grand diplomatic victory on the part of Indian government when ICJ gave judgment in favor of India and put a stay on Kulbhushan Jadhav’s execution. If you don’t know about the man, let’s just give you a quick and brief introduction. Kulbhushan is a former Indian Navy officer and was ordered to be executed by Pak govt. that accused him of being a spy from India. Since he was not at all a spy, Indian govt. wanted to make every possible attempt to save him from execution. What’s more, they have raised a valid question as to how a citizen of India can be executed by the govt. of Pak. To save the man, India approached ICJ and to everyone’s utter pleasure, a stay has been put on the execution of Jadhav till trials of ICJ are conducted.


This was naturally good news for all the Indians and two Indian cricketers, Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif, took to Twitter for expressing their happiness over the matter.


Kaif tweeted, “Congratulations India. Thanks to the International Court of Justice , justice has prevailed. #KulbhushanJadhav”

Kaif’s tweet was not much likable on the part of a user who asked the cricketer to remove Mohammad from his name just because he supported India despite being a Muslim. The tweet read, “Please remove Mohammad from your name first !”

This didn’t discourage the cricketer at all but on the other hand, he gave an apt and mouth-shutting reply to the troller when he said, “Wow ! If I support India’s victory , I should remove Mohammad. I am proud of my name. Aamir means “full of life” , you need to get one.”

Wow! What a perfect reply Kaif! Bang on!

We need more such people to make this world a better and happier place to live! #Respect

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