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Karan Johar To Cast Rakhi Sawant Opposite KRK For His Next Bollywood Movie


Karan Johar To Cast Rakhi Sawant Opposite KRK For His Next Bollywood Movie


So we’re getting a cheesy tone from the b-town. What is going on? Seems like something very unusual yet happening is about to happen.

Babban Shah, our very own reporter, who is in Mumbai, has informed us about Karan Johar’s next major venture, in which he’s going to star Rakhi Sawant Opposite Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK. “This movie is going to make 300 crores in a week”, says KRK. He further added, “Rakhi is a big star. I am her fan since TUK TUK DEKHE. I am sure she will give her 350 percent to this movie. The rest I will give.”

We interviewed Rakhi about her experience working with Karan and KRK. “Oh my jijjus, what a experience. Hey ganpati bappa teri leela aprampaar. I am very glad to get this chance. Karan is a famous director and KRK is one of the best actor in Bollywood. I am so happy”, says Rakhi.

The name of the movie has not been decided yet, but its most likely to be named ‘Sabse Bade Ajoobe’. Catchy isn’t it?

Babban went on to investigate Karan’s mind.

Our team asked Karan why didn’t he choose SRK in Place of KRK? This is what he said, “KRK has two Ks in his name. This movie will make me money because of the two Ks in KRK’s name. SRK has only one K, and this is a huge venture, so I couldn’t risk it. Plus everybody knows about my obsession with K (wink)”

Wow, so that’s some news eh? Let’s see what this team has in store for us. Desperately waiting for “Sabse Bade Ajoobe”.

Disclaimer: This article is under Faking News category & content of this article is a work of fiction to make our readers laugh.

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