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Karan Patel Taunted & Trolled Hina Over Tap Water. This Tweet Is Epic

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Karan Patel Taunted & Trolled Hina Over Tap Water. This Tweet Is Epic

Last week, there was immense drama in the Bigg Boss house over the use of RO water. Hina and Shilpa were at loggerheads; Shilpa said tap water is hygienic as it gets boiled while Hina said that it’s ruining their stomachs.

Hina made a big issue out of it and criticized Shilpa’s cooking methods. Well, she was not absolutely wrong, because all that she was worried about was hygiene. She also thanked Arshi and Shilpa for handling the kitchen and cooking for them.

However, the fight got intense and Shilpa said that she won’t handle the kitchen anymore.

Twitter started trolling Hina because for many, using tap water is a commonly used method while cooking. Fans couldn’t digest Hina’s obsession.

The reactions were very funny but the best one came from Karan Patel. This is what he tweeted;

The tweet read, “Arre #MissGrace .. TAP WATER toh #Grace ke saath #Gutter mein hee dala jata #Hyena … aur woh hi toh kiya 😂 its a lil intelligent taunt, if the #PaidPR fails to understand it, feel free to ask 😂 #BB11 #BigBoss11 pehle #DilKharab phir #ZubaanKharaab aur ab #PetKharaab 😂🙈😂”

Karan termed it as an intelligent tweet. Soon, reactions started pouring in from people;

Please come in Bigg Boss 11!

Kya bajata hai!

People are crazy!


Hashtags are awesome!

LOL, what do you have to say about this?

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