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Karishma Tanna Playing Dirty – Kisses (Lip-Lock) Upen Patel. Boyfriend Breaks Up!!!

Karishma Tanna Playing Dirty - Kisses (Lip-Lock) Upen Patel. Boyfriend Breaks Up!!! RVCJ Media

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Karishma Tanna Playing Dirty – Kisses (Lip-Lock) Upen Patel. Boyfriend Breaks Up!!!

Karishma Tanna can go to any level to win the Bigg Boss show. This has been proved in today’s episode where she kissed (lip-locked) Upen Patel even after repeating 1000 times that she has boy friend.

Karishma Tanna has been repeating this since the beginning of the show that she has a boy friend and she isn’t here for making boy friends or any relation. Upen Patel who recently entered the Bigg Boss house told Karishma that Gautam has very good fan following and you can only win the show if you will bring a love affair in it. And Karishma didn’t think again and did the same.

Once Salman Khan teased her about Pritham and she started crying in front of Salman Khan by saying that “You shouldn’t link me with anyone because I have boyfriend”. Even Salman Khan got frustrated because he didn’t expect contestant to react in this way. Fans want to know where is that boy friend now? She was acting at that moment to get sympathy but now she understood that love affair in the game show can make her win the game and she is doing this for show. If it’s not for the show then it could be Upen Patel richness that is attracting Karishma Tanna. Because Upen Patel said that I’m fond of travelling and after marriage, I will take you to Europe, New-york, Miami, Malaysia and lot many other places. After listening this she just kissed him.

We already know she is the only contestant who has been selfish from the start. She was even talking in very humorous way with Rahul Mahajan till Upen Patel entered the house. We saw her talking about Gifts & votes with Rahul Mahajn but as soon as Upen Patel entered in the house, she just asked Rahul to “stop flirting with her and told Rahul that she has boyfriend”. On the other side, she herself started flirting with Upen Patel. She is playing dirtiest game in Bigg Boss house and could be the next contestant to be thrown out of the Bigg Boss house.

On the other side, when DNA asked Karishma’s boyfriend about this incident, he said “I have nothing to say. Karishma and I are only good friends and nothing more”. That means even he wants to breakup with this selfish character.

Let us know your views about Karishma Tanna? Is she playing dirtiest game in this house? Do you like her, if not then who is your favorite contestant in the bigg boss house?

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