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Karma Bites Back; CBFC Orders 20 Cuts In Pahlaj Nihlani’s Latest Venture

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Karma Bites Back; CBFC Orders 20 Cuts In Pahlaj Nihlani’s Latest Venture

Pahlaj Nihalani’s best known for his controversial term as a CBFC chief during the release of iconic movies like Raman Raaghav and Udta Punjab. It was a nightmare as directors and media ripped apart Pahlaj for suggesting over 94 cuts in the movie. Pahlaj Nihalani was on a path to regression that seemed to have an effect on nation’s mentality as well. Even deadpool wasn’t spared by Nihalani who ordered unnecessary cuts in the film. Although the current chief Prasoon Joshi isn’t much better, Pahlaj was on a whole different level all together. But thankfully Pahlaj Nihalani was removed from his position and was replaced by Prasoon Joshi instead.

From there it was all downhill for Nihalani who even accused Smriti Irani of falsely sacking him after he was removed as CBFC chief. It did not stop here as Pahlaj’s next movie seemed to be in line with everything he went against as a CBFC chief. ‘Julie 2’ was an erotic thriller that was filled with revealing images and erotic imagery that had little to no impact on the story. It is no surprise that it ran into trouble with the CBFC during its initial release.

Similarly Karma sees to have hit Pahlaj Nihalani again with his latest release ‘Rangeela Raja’ starring Govinda.

After its initial screening for the Certification Board, the committee ended up asking for over 20 cuts throughout the movie. Pahlaj, who did not take this lightly has already filed a complaint against CBFC in the Bombay HC. Reactions on twitter were hilarious to say the least. Many people took to the social networking site to express hilarity over this ironical situation.










Well it is worth noting that Pahlaj termed it as ‘Sanskar’ ’and ‘culture’ when it came to making cuts in movies like Udta Punjab and Raman Raghav. It is only ironic that the same has come to hit him back where it hurts the most. Maybe now there is a slight chance that Pahlaj Nihalani might understand the progression that we all keep talking about. For now, I hope he has some fun with ‘sanskaars’ of the country.


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