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Karnataka PWD Minister HD Revanna Threw Biscuits At Flood Victims, Got Slammed On Twitter


Karnataka PWD Minister HD Revanna Threw Biscuits At Flood Victims, Got Slammed On Twitter

The Indian state of Kerala and its citizens are dealing with the worst ever floods that have resulted in hundreds leaving the world while lakhs are being forced to leave homes to save their lives. Heavy rainfall in Karnataka is posing problems for the citizens of the state as well and many have been shifted to relief camps by the relief agencies and Indian Army.

People from not just India but all around the world are coming forward to help these people and trying to fulfill at least their basic needs. The governments of UAE and Qatar have also donated a good amount to help the flood victims.

The state government and central government are also leaving no stone unturned in making sure that help reaches to every flood victim.

Karnataka’s PWD minister HD Revanna also visited a relief camp in Ramanathapura in Hassan district. A video of his visit is going viral in which he is seen throwing biscuits at people who were standing surrounding him and expecting him to listen to their problems.

Watch The Video:

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The minister has been slammed for this act and it is also being said that some people refused to take biscuits thrown at them.

This is how angry Twitter reacted over the matter:












However, Revanna’s brother and Karnataka’s CM Kumaraswamy has defended him and said that he had looked into the matter and there was no space for movement while Revanna’s son has said that his father didn’t want to insult anyone and it was unintentional. In fact as per News 18, Revanna’s son has also apologised on behalf of his father.

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