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This Kerala Man Helped In Bringing Sridevi’s Mortal Remains Back To India From Dubai


This Kerala Man Helped In Bringing Sridevi’s Mortal Remains Back To India From Dubai

The mortal remains of veteran Indian actress Sridevi arrived in India almost 3 days after her death in Dubai and thousands of people came to pay respects to their favourite star at Celebration Sports Club.

However, very few know about the person from Kerala who played an important part in bringing the actress’ mortal remains to India.

We are talking about Ashraf “Sherry” Thamarassery (44) who handled and signed the official paperwork necessary for the procedure. As per the news agency, 4700 bodies had been repatriated to 38 countries by Ashraf till date.


On Tuesday, Ashraf came with 5 more bodies along with the body of Sridevi. Death does not differentiate between a celebrity and a common man and all are equal, as a news agency is told by him. In his words,

“Whether you’re poor or rich, it doesn’t matter.”

The procedure is similar for everyone and if someone dies in his/her room, the body is taken to hospital first and then to the police mortuary.

As the formalities were taking time in Dubai, the Indian media got into frenzy. In fact, the Indian media was brutally slammed by celebrities and common public for their insensitive coverage. But when all this was happening in India, Ashraf was handling all the paperwork as Indian businessman Anil Ambani’s private jet was already there to bring Sridevi’s mortal remains to Mumbai.

Ashraf told the news agency that he does it to earn the blessings and also because many people don’t have an idea of the repatriation procedures.

Whatever the reality is, we have to admit that it’s hard to believe that Sridevi is no more.


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