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This ‘Khade Chammach Wali Chai’ From Hyderabad Has A Spoon Standing Just At The Middle Of The Cup


This ‘Khade Chammach Wali Chai’ From Hyderabad Has A Spoon Standing Just At The Middle Of The Cup

I thought writing articles would be easy, but to my utter surprise, writing articles as a freelancer is not at easy job. Your senior can ask for an articles at given odd hour and you do need to submit it on time. Start-Ups ain’t that cool. Well, apart from joking around ( Last lines weren’t true, my boss is great, ehh), the best chubby buddy that a writer can ever get is a hard hitting cup of coffee or just a cracking sip of tea.

Yes, just the perfect sip of tea is the only oil that we need to flame up our brains and come up with new ideas and layouts for our writings. Even right now at 2.15 am I am all up and can even bare the music of Tahir Shah’s Angel. If the tea is not good, nothing seems to be good enough. If I recall and generalize each and every one of us as same, apart from Maggie, the only thing that we know in kitchen is just to make a cup of tea. This is the most basic ‘Cooking/whatever_you_call_it_for_making_CHAI’, a child can ever learn.

Hyderabad is known for many things. Apart from our Facebook Page’s admin Ankit Mor, Hyderabad has a lot more to offer you for cherishing the old history. But for foodie like me, monuments and museums don’t really excites me. Hyderabad has various popular food joints. But I don’t want to go deep into it and become Sanjeev Kapoor from Khana Khazana.


As a self proclaimed Tea Sommeliers, my main aim is to try out the Famous Irani Chai. And unlike any other vendor’s tea stall, it is a blend of milk, condensed milk and tea leaves. It is a creamy and thick blend which is generally served with osmania biscuits which is again a product from Hyderabad. And above all this, it all costs from Rs 10 to Rs 15 depending upon the popularity of the tea café.

irani chai

But the main twist of tastes comes in when you opt for Khadi Chammach Wali Chai which is a varient of Irani Chai. Now if you are a diabetic patient, then you either better click on the ‘BACK’ button or try to just stop being so mean to me. In this variant of Irani Chai, there is a magical spoon which stands staright at the middle of the cup which is quite surprising.


But, Science can deduce anything and let us just not forget our simple common sense. The sweetness of the tea is so much that it can not further dissolve more sugar hence as a result, the undissolved sugar settles down at the bottom of the cup which accumulates and acts as a support so as to keep the spoon stand straight. So in this way, our eyes are cheated by illusion and hence we get see and drink a ‘Khadi Chammach Wali Chai’.

too much sugar

So finally, I hope that you got to know about this unusual yet tempting variant of Tea. But on a personal note, I don’t want my readers ( who are suffering from diabetes ) to go out for this tea, instead go out and try Green Tea. If you have any more relevant information about this Khadi Chammach Wali Chai, please feel comfortable to share it with us in the comment section below

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