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King Vs Queen Mattress

King Vs Queen Mattress RVCJ Media


King Vs Queen Mattress

King Size Mattress

King-size mattresses are good for those working with smaller floor space, young people, and even individuals with a narrower floor area. A king-size mattress usually measures approximately 53 X 74 inches and fits easily inside most standard bedrooms. A king-size mattress is an ideal transitional mattress at an affordable price. It is more comfortable than a traditional full-size mattress because it is wider and so offers more support. The king mattress also has a longer torso and can conform to your body shape better than a traditional full-size mattress.

King Vs Queen Mattress RVCJ Media


When selecting a king-size mattress you want to make sure that you get the right measurements so that your new mattress will fit properly in your bedroom. Measuring for your new sleeping partners is simple because most of the major manufacturers’ websites will already have the dimensions that you need on them. Most retailers will also have the specifications easy to find when you visit their website or in the stores.

California king

measuring for your California king-size mattress, you want to be sure to include the full width of the mattress as well as the length of the mattress. Be sure to also measure the height of your sleeping space, including any surrounding walls and/or ceilings. Most retailers will offer the mattress sizes that are specific to your California King mattress and queen size mattress as well, so measure both of these dimensions before you purchase.


Measuring for your king-size mattress is not that difficult once you have all of the necessary information to hand. If you plan on purchasing a used mattress, this is one measurement that you definitely will want to double-check. Because most mattresses come with warranties, purchasing from a company that does not provide a warranty could result in voiding your warranty. Most reputable companies of this type offer a money-back guarantee should your purchase prove to be defective or wrong.


Once you have all of the needed information to measure your California King size mattress and your personal California King size bed dimensions you are ready to find out which mattress will best meet your needs. You may choose to purchase one of the King single active sleepers that have become very popular recently or you may opt for the double active sleeper. Whichever decision you make is up to you should feel comfortable making your selection. However, most reputable companies of this kind offer custom-built sleepers that are designed exactly the way you want them. So, whether you prefer a single active sleeper or the double active sleeper you will be happy with your selection when you decide to purchase a King size mattress.

Queen Size Mattress

When buying a new mattress, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. From crazy narrow box springs to super-soft deluxe ones, it can all seem so overwhelming and difficult to make the right choice. In this mattress buying guide, we’ll discuss the various mattress sizes and types available to you, as well as the recommended bed size for each of those to help make sure that you pick the best mattress type for your bedroom. But first, for those just jumping into the market for a new mattress, a Queen size mattress is recommended and plenty of people go that route, as it is by far the largest bed size out there.

King Vs Queen Mattress RVCJ Media


Now, no matter what your personal preferences are when it comes to comfort and support, a Queen sized mattress should definitely suit your needs. For couples, the Queen size mattress can offer some extra comfort due to the reduced size, as well as the increased ability to prop up the mattress in cases of bad backs due to sleeping on your back. In addition, when you are choosing a queen-sized mattress, there are several different options that you have, and we’re going to talk about a few of them here. For starters, most Queen beds feature a built-in footstool that can be used for additional support while the couple is reading, or for occasional “help” if required.

Queen Mattress Duo

If you are looking to add some more “pets” to the mix, you can, as well, easily purchase a “Queen Mattress Duo” which includes a matching nightstand and footstool. Although most people tend to think of a queen size bed frame when they hear of queen mattresses, the truth is, there are other sites out there. A quick search on the Internet should give you a good idea of all of the choices available so that you can make an informed decision.

The Luxury of Extra Space

Of course, the actual Queen mattress itself may very well offer all of these things, but do you really want to pay that much money to get it? If you have the luxury of extra space and can afford to spend a little bit of extra money, then, by all means, purchase a Queen sized bed. On the other hand, if you just need a mattress that will serve the purpose until you can afford to upgrade to a larger size, then don’t. The point is, you get to make the decisions. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are making your selection, and these are things that you will want to consider as you begin to shop around.

King Vs Queen Mattress RVCJ Media

Sleeping Space

One of the major issues that people have about Queen bed sizes is that they feel like they don’t have enough room – and that is true, in some cases. However, the truth is that a Queen size mattress can provide you with the sleep comfort that you need to be comfortable and restful when you are resting. You want to remember, however, that the Queen size mattress does offer more width and depth than a standard King size mattress, and this can mean that you actually do get more sleeping space when you select a Queen sized mattress. So, how much extra room do you really need when you are making your selection? Well, you will need to look at the following factors to determine how much room you would like to have:


First of all, remember that when you are purchasing a Queen size bed, the Queen will be the deep king-size bed. This means that the Queen mattress will actually be deeper than your normal king-size bedding. This is the major difference between king vs queen bed mattresses. However, you don’t need to worry about being forced to sleep on a deep mattress as your new Queen size bedding will allow you the comfort and support that you need. In fact, if you end up needing more support, then you should try sleeping on a thicker mattress as it will help to keep you in the same position, and not rocking back and forth. You can find special pillows for your bed that are made specifically for a Queen mattress as well, which will help to give you extra support all night long. Once you have selected the right Queen size bed for your room, then you can go shopping and purchase your new mattress.



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