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Kiran Bedi Turns Traffic Cop & Teaches People Importance Of Helmet, Gets Praised On Twitter


Kiran Bedi Turns Traffic Cop & Teaches People Importance Of Helmet, Gets Praised On Twitter

In India, a number of people get injured or lose their lives due to road accidents every year and majority of the cases are those in which people suffer head injuries. These fatal head injuries can be avoided if people wear helmets while riding two-wheelers but it is very sad that in our country, people consider it to be a mark of heroism to break rules.

The traffic police departments of many states have been working hard to make people aware about the road safety. Sometimes they take help of social media while at other times, they start campaigns on roads like the one started by the Delhi Police in which they are showing mirror and road safety placards to the law-breaking citizens.

The traffic rules are getting broken in Puducherry also but the citizens didn’t have an idea that they will be meeting an unusual cop on February 10. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways conducted a road safety week from February 4-10. The Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi who used to be a cop took to road of the Union Territory and educated people about the need of wearing helmets and following other traffic rules.

She shared a video on the micro-blogging site Twitter with caption, “When there’s no culture of wearing a helmet in Puducherry and its CM keeps stalling enforcement & every 3rd day there’s a fatal accident, due to non wearing of a helmet, where does one begin? Give up or take it in one’s own hands as well, alongside challenging enforcement agencies?”

Watch The Video:

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Kiran Bedi also criticised the chief minister V. Narayanasamy for obstructing the law enforcement despite the fact that every third day, a heavy accident takes place.

She tweeted,

Not only this, she also slammed the elected representatives who are protesting against the rule of wearing helmet and disrespecting the judgments given by Supreme Court and Madras High Court.

Check out another tweet by Kiran Bedi:

Here’s her final tweet:

Twitter users were all praise for the cop turned Governor. Here are some selected reactions:












Kudos to Kiran Bedi who is a great source of inspiration for millions. The country needs more such people like her!

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