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Kiran Bedi’s “Open Letter To Fellow Indians” – Shared Her Experience Of Dirty Politics


Kiran Bedi’s “Open Letter To Fellow Indians” – Shared Her Experience Of Dirty Politics

Kiran Bedi, Chief Minister Candidate of BJP revealed why she defeated in her blog,

The blog referred to as “an open letter to fellow Indians” discloses Kiran’s views on India’s election, declaring that in the nation, they are not supposed to be intended for civilized, mature and honest persons who abide by law.

As written by Kiran in the post, “Indian Democracy if it truly wants many well meaning people to stake their experience for mature and good governance, needs a civil culture and law abiding environment. ( I am being mild in saying this)”. “Hope to see it change in my life time.”

Coarse and foul-mouthed

“Everything is too loud, uncouth at times, insulting to thin skinned, false, insinuating, biased, revengeful, corrupt, wasteful, highly disruptive of common man’s needs, breaking all laws, and sending all wrong messages. It’s not a level playing field for the levelheaded serving people. It’s a field for might and muscle in all respects.”

Kiran Bedi continues to point the finger at voters articulating that they yearn for services but don’t want to recompense.

“They do not get it still, that there are no free lunches in life. If you rob Peter to pay Paul, it won’t be long before all get robbed.”

Kiran also expressed her views towards campaigning, saying Election Commission should well synchronized it. According to her, EC is required to allot parties spaces together with the permission of using TV for last-mile connectivity. In addition, Bedi restated grumble and complain she has against the Jama Masjid cleric’s plea to voters for selecting AAP.

In the concluding part of the post, Kiran seemed to be quite sad and dejected on account of what she felt during electoral politics,

“In the end I wish to thank all those who reposed their trust in me. And to say I am sorry I could not measure upto theirs. And also all who called me with foulest possible names. I am relieved my parents were not alive to see this…”

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