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Know The Duration For Which A Person Fasts During Ramadan In Different Countries


Know The Duration For Which A Person Fasts During Ramadan In Different Countries

Ramadan is that beautiful period where you will see all the Muslim people gathered and breaking their fast together. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the most those crucial duties that Islamic people should follow. And, you will agree with us when we say, that this indeed one of the most difficult fast one observes that too for one whole month.

Ramadan or Roza, starts one month before Eid, where people need to eat only after the sunset, and as per the holy timing. In this sacred time, all the people who observe Roza doesnt eat till long hours and you will be stunned to know that this can mean for more than a day or 12 hrs or even more than that. The month holds great significance, and is considered as the time to get closer to Allah – the divine and supreme power.

And, when they break the fast, that ritual is called Iftaar, and it really is a visual for eyes to see the unity and love with which everyone embraces brotherhood.

But it really isn’t all glossy that it looks like, the time till which they stay without food and water is really a test of patience and we really appreciate those who do it for whole month. For people living in India, they stay without any food and water for continuous 14 hour 37 minutes, while in other parts of the world it is far more than this.



2. Iceland


3. France


4. United States of America


5. Canada


6. Germany


7. Sweden


8. England


9. Belgium


10. Russia


So, which country do you belong to? And, don’t you think keeping fast for 20 hours a stretch for a month is a tedious task. Only one word that describes this feeling.


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