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A Lesson For Male Passengers – Must Watch Video


A Lesson For Male Passengers – Must Watch Video

There might hardly have been a person who did not travel by a metro and see male passengers sitting on reserved seats for females and that too when ladies stand beside them. The time when males simply shamelessly occupy places held in reserve, they do not seem to think even for a moment that it’s against civic sense as well as the rules of metro and by doing this, they are introducing themselves as reckless and uneducated citizens.

In the video, a mature and alert guy treats men sitting on ladies only seats as women to make them feel that they are doing wrong and if they occupy ladies seats, it does mean that they are females and thus, calls them aunty etc. This way, a feeling of shame and embarrassment emerges in their conscience and they leave the place for a lady standing nearby. Learn from this video if you do not want to be treated the same way men do here!

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