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Let’s Help Manju Fulfill Her Dreams & Get Best Of life


Let’s Help Manju Fulfill Her Dreams & Get Best Of life

When a baby is born in our families, everyone becomes so conscious of the being in terms of his/her hygiene, consumption, clothes and what not! When the baby grows up, the first tension every parent goes through is his/her studies, the school, uniform, healthy food, etc.

But there are thousands of children out there who do not get a similar treatment due to many complications. Some of them have parents who are unable to afford the required luxury for them, some of them are given responsibilities as soon as they turn 2 or maybe 3.

A lot of times, we see kids begging at traffic lights wearing rags. Their situation is miserable and sometimes leaves tears in our eyes. But what do we do for them is the real deal!

Manju – Igniting Hopes!

Here’s this kid Manju who lost her parents at a very small age and never got to see them consciously. Her grandmother is taking care of her but she is unable to earn enough to make both ends meet to even send the kid to school and provide proper education.

When you look at this tiny star, you’ll notice how bright and talented she is. So, the idea is to come together and help her get proper schooling and all the needs that come with it.
We can all contribute a little and collect funds to help the girl become something great in the future. When the appeal went out in the world, people came together and the campaign successfully collected around 25K in 3 days through which some necessities were bought for the little child.

But we can do more, collect more and give the child more. Would you become a cooperative component?
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