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LinkedIn Report States 82% Indian Professionals Are Looking For Changing Their Jobs In 2022


LinkedIn Report States 82% Indian Professionals Are Looking For Changing Their Jobs In 2022

The whole world has been going through very tough times for the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many lives have been lost and only lucky ones have been able to save their jobs because a number of companies suffered losses and some of them even got shut down. However even this has not stopped the Indian professionals from making ambitious plans for their future and as per a report released by the leading online professional network LinkedIn, around 82 percent of professionals in India are thinking of changing their jobs in the year 2022.

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The reports are based on the findings of a survey in which 1,111 professionals participated and according to the report, these professionals want to leave their current jobs because they are not happy with the remuneration, work-life balance or have greater ambitions as far as their career is concerned. The Indian professionals also made one thing very clear that their topmost priority will be flexible working arrangements.

Ankit Vengurlekar, the Managing Editor (India), LinkedIn News, states that the job seekers are pretty confident about the opportunities and it is also quite evident that the job seekers will lead the great reshuffle with talent being the most important factor and work flexibility will be their most important consideration. He further adds that the demand for tech talent will increase among the IT, business development and healthcare sector.

However, there are around 71 percent who are now doubtful of their abilities at work more than they used to be before the COVID-19 pandemic and there are around 63 percent who are suffering from imposter syndrome (a condition as per which a person feels that he/she is not as capable and competent as others believe him to be).

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As per the reports, the condition of self-doubt is the result of working in isolation for the last two years as 33 percent professionals have stated that the pandemic had a negative impact on their self-confidence. The report also stated that job seekers may stay with the current employers if they get better salary, more recognition and improvement in work-life balance.

The demand for highly skilled IT workers (Site Reliability Engineer, Data Science Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer) is going to increase in 2022 and almost all the companies will like to increase their digital footprints.

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