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List Of 20 Inspirational Bollywood Movies, Because We All Need A Little Motivation On A Monday

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List Of 20 Inspirational Bollywood Movies, Because We All Need A Little Motivation On A Monday

Mondays can be tough, after a perfect weekend who needs to go back on track and fight another day in the office. And what better than a perfect movie to keep you motivated. Movies are perfect because they can make us feel so many emotions. They can make one cry, laugh and yes even inspire.

Here is a list of movies that will inspire you to do more, be more!

1. Udaan – 2010

Story of a young poet who gets expelled from school, only to return to an abusive father.

2. Manjhi: The Mountain Man – 2015

A man avenges his wife’s death, by carving a road between a mountain. He spends 22 years of his life and does that by only using a shovel.

3. Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India – 2001

Villagers take things in their own hands after the pitiless oppression by Britishers.

4. Rang De Basanti – 2006

A group of college students stand for what is right and fight for it, just like our freedom fighters did.

5. 3 Idiots – 2009

A beautiful journey of 3 friends, who show that education is important degree is not.

6. Swades – 2005

A scientist returns to his homeland to take away his grandmother with him. He falls in love with his homeland.

7. Lakshya – 2004

A spoilt kid grows into a battle hero.

8. Black – 2005

A lady who can’t see hear or talk meets a teacher who brings rays of hope in his life.

9. Mera Naam Joker – 1970

A beautiful story of a man, who is in the entertainment business. He must make people laugh, in spite of being unhappy himself.

10. Mother India – 1957

A mother who struggles to raise her son goes out of ways to bend things for him but does not forget her values.

11. Taare Zameen Par – 2007

A lazy child is getting constantly getting bad grades until he meets a teacher who changes his life.

12. A Wednesday – 2008

A man wonders about the most exciting case of his lifetime.

13. Guru – 2017

Story of a man who went to Mumbai, and rose from the streets.

14. Iqbaal – 2015

A deaf and dumb son of a farmer wants to be a cricketer.

15. Baghban – 2003

An elderly retired couple wishes their children to take care of them. But the dismiss the matter and have their own interests.

16. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – 2011

3 friends on their way to Bachelor’s realize how much they are missing on in their lives.

17. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar – 1992

A rich brat and a poor guy, root for the same girl. The winner is decided by who wins the race.

18. Mary Kom – 2014

Based on the life of Mary Kom, it shows how much she endured in life to get to that position.

19. Airlift – 2016

An Indian businessman becomes the spokesperson for more than 170,000 stranded countrymen.

20. Karwaan

Story of 3 different people, set out on a road trip. The trip opens up a lot of things and they get to know the real person in them.

What movie would you like to add to this list?

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