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Little Girl Turns Journo & Reports About Pathetic Roads Of Kashmir, Twitter Showers Love


Little Girl Turns Journo & Reports About Pathetic Roads Of Kashmir, Twitter Showers Love

The northern parts of India are experiencing extreme cold weather conditions and the recent rainfall and snowfall in the hilly areas have made things more difficult. While it has affected the routine life of the citizens in a big manner, it has also worsened the condition of roads and highways, especially those roads which were already in a bad condition.

The Kashmir valley has received very heavy snowfall in the recent past because of which the condition of roads is pretty bad but what has brought smiles on the faces of many people is the reporting done by a young girl. When a little girl saw the poor condition of the roads in her neighbourhood, she took it upon herself to take up this issue, inform the authorities about it and ask them to do something.

The name of this young girl is not known but with mic in her hand and the manner in which she has expressed the problems faced by her and other people of her locality, it appears that she is a trained journalist who knows how to give a personal touch to reporting. The person who was recording the video was also guided by the young girl as to where he should focus the camera. The video soon went viral after it was posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter and people have already fallen in love with this youngest reporter from Kashmir.

Watch The Video:

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While all the online users praised the girl and her reporting skills, there were many who asked the authorities to take prompt action so that this little girl and people of her locality don’t have to face problems.

Here are some of the selected reactions:

She’s the cutest person on the Internet today, isn’t she?

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