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Madonna: I Was Raped But Didn’t File Complaint To Police, It Wasn’t Worth It


Madonna: I Was Raped But Didn’t File Complaint To Police, It Wasn’t Worth It

A rape report to the police could be more humiliating for a girl. Knowing she was already been molested and physically assaulted; people only make weird stories out of it. It becomes the hot topic that they would share with utter interest. They continue with their silly and enough irritating questions like where, when and how. And the victim gets repeatedly raped psychologically. Even the police, in fact, sometimes, they just become worst with their uncountable number of questions. It’s not that each and every question asked by them is irrelevant but, sometimes they just go trivial, unrelated and pointless.
Things are not different in the developed countries as well, not even with the pop queen Madonna. Oh yes, you read it right. It was Madonna who was raped but did not go to police after getting raped because she feared nothing but the humiliation she had to bear. The 56-year-old, the heartthrob of many, first talked about the incident that took place during her early days in New York in 2013, recalling her nightmare once again on Howard Stern Show. She reported E! Online that the first year was difficult for her New York was difficult and she paid a price for being innocent.

And as months passed by, Madonna’s apartment robbed repeatedly and she left with very few items. However, the worst happened when she got raped.

“I was going to a dance classes and found the door was locked and I needed money for the payphone,” she explained. “A man gave it to me… he was a quite friendly guy. I trusted him.” The unknown person took me to make my phone call across the street where he lived. “I was raped.” The first year I lived in New York was horrible.”
But she did not file charges against the convict as the process was too overwhelming. “You’ve already been molested. It’s just not worth it. It’s too much humiliation once again,” she said.

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