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Madurai High Court Lifts Ban On TikTok, Twitter Is Flooded With Memes


Madurai High Court Lifts Ban On TikTok, Twitter Is Flooded With Memes

On 3rd April Madras High Court appealed for a ban of Chinese application TikTok, saying it encourages pornography and effects the child as the application is used by mostly teenagers.

After almost a month long legal battle Madurai High Court lifts the interim ban from Tik Tok India. TikTok nearly has 0.5 billion users and 119 million users from India.

The Chinese video creating application was removed from both the Google and Apple play store and the new users were banned from downloading the application.

On Wednesday 24th April, the Madurai High Court moved to lift the ban of the famous 15-sec video sharing application in India with the terms & condition of not allowing the users to post obscene videos. Hence a strict guideline has been set for the publication of the videos on the application.

ByteDance the parent company of TikTok in a statement said the company’s fight to stop the misuse of the platform has been acknowledged and said “The work is never done by our end. We are committed to continuously enhancing our safety features as a testament to our ongoing commitment to our users in India.”

After the court backtracked its own order and the ban was lifted. Netizens flooded with memes in Twitter as Tik Tok is not Banned anymore :








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