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‘MAIN ACHI HOON’ Will Motivate You To Fight With Stereotype World


‘MAIN ACHI HOON’ Will Motivate You To Fight With Stereotype World

Depression and mental health have always been ignored as a serious issue. What leads to depression the bullies which we face daily, the judgments, opinions and peer of pressure pushes us towards depression.

People feel ashamed to talk about it cause the stereotype society is going to give a tag of “Psycho”.

Recently a short film ‘MAIN ACCHI HOON‘ is released by The Short Cuts. Based on two of the most important topics which every youth suffers from one the fight with our own self and another with society.

We try to hide our problems by self-harming ourselves. Whereas, we should reach out for help to make ourselves believe ‘I AM GOOD‘. Until we come out of the nutshell and seek help to make our life better.

If you’re determined about your goal, the barriers will be there and a ray of hope too.

Everything can be possible and achieved if we believe in our selves and practice hard to accomplish the desired aim also by reminding ourselves all the time ‘I AM GOOD’ even if you are not.

Watch ‘MAIN ACCHI HOON‘ the story of the fighter girl is here to rescue and motivate you from your bad day.

Let us know the impact the short film left on you in the comment section.

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