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Make Way For The Toppers,ICSE & ISC Students Score 399 Out Of 400


Make Way For The Toppers,ICSE & ISC Students Score 399 Out Of 400

Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore now have got linked for something common in between them and that is they all can hail for having ICSE and ISC toppers. And the most amazing part is that there is not 1 but three toppers in a row, led by Kolkata boy Arkya Chatterjee scored 399 out of 400 in his best 4 subjects securing 99.75%. Yes, WE are also awe-struck, how is that possible? But if you are wondering where that one mark and .25 percent went. It is in English and Chemistry where he scored the lowest 99 only out of 100.


He got full marks 100 out of 100 in 5 subjects and when asked about his favorite hobby apart from studying, we were amazed that he is a great soccer buff, and is hard-core Barcelona fan.

Now coming to the second topper of ICSE he is once again from Kolkata’s St Xaviers Colegiate School,but that’s not the end of the list there are few another names to be added, Ananya Harshad Patwardhan, from Mumbai’s Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School, and last but not the least one more student Tezan Sahu from St Mary’s ICSE School, Navi Mumbai , and All getting 99.2 %.

And, with this I end this article, because seeing such bright students is blinding me and feel like I am going to get aftershocks after my parents see this news!

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