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Man Asked Google To Improve Google Maps Feature In A Poetic Way. Google Gave An Epic Response


Man Asked Google To Improve Google Maps Feature In A Poetic Way. Google Gave An Epic Response

Google Maps is of a great help for travellers as it not only tells the right direction or route in which a person has to go but also gives an idea of which route should be avoided for being crowded or having traffic jam which saves the user from getting stuck.

But sometimes, it becomes problematic for users to understand directions when there is a flyover or multi-directional flyovers. Sometimes users have to take a u-turn after covering a long distance because he took the flyover but he was supposed not to take it.

Stand-up comedian Kartik Arora faced a similar situation and he tweeted to Google Maps in a hilarious manner. His tweet read,

“Dear @Google

Itne badhiya maps banaye, chota sa feature aur daal dete ki saaf saaf bolde flyover par chadhna hai ya neeche se jaana hai. 5 inch ke screen par aadhe milimetre ka deflection Kahan se dekhe aadmi?

Yours Truly,

2km aage se U Turn leta hua aadmi”

It roughly translates to,

“Such nice maps have been made, a small feature should also have been added for clearly telling whether to take the flyover or not. Deflection of half milimetre is not clearly visible on the 5-inch screen.

Yours truly,

A person who is taking U-turn after driving 2 kms.”

Here’s the tweet:

The tweet instantly went viral and Twitterati also started sharing their own experiences but what surprised everyone was the poetic response of Google India.

This is the reply by Google India responded by tweeting,

“Shukar manate hain aap jaise users ka, jo humein sahi raah dikhaate hain. Behtar bante jaane ka yeh safar rukega nahin, mere humsafar.”

It roughly translates to,

“We are thankful to the users like you who show us the right path. This journey of self-improvement will never end, my fellow traveller.”

Check out the tweet:

Here are some reactions from Twitter users:









Hilarious, isn’t it? What do you have to say about the tweet and the response of Google India? Let us know your views.

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