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Man Asks Journo To Work On Pronunciation & Improve It, Her Response Wins The Internet


Man Asks Journo To Work On Pronunciation & Improve It, Her Response Wins The Internet

There is no denying the fact that in our society, a person who knows English language and who can speak in English in a proper manner is given more respect than the person who is not is not so good or fluent in English. Our education system also lays a lot of importance on learning English and we have developed a mindset as per which only those who are proficient in English will achieve success in life which is definitely not true.

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Nowadays, the inclination of people has increased towards speaking English in foreign accent as they want to present themselves as a sophisticated individual. The mother tongue influence is pretty common in the speaking style of the Indians depending on the state to which they belong and it sometimes affect our accent a lot while speaking in English. This is why nowadays a lot of emphasis is being laid on the pronunciation of words by the English teachers but still many of us find it difficult to get rid of our mother tongue influence and it is clearly visible in our speaking style.

Recently, a journalist was trolled by an online user on the micro-blogging site Twitter as the user asked the journo to work on her pronunciation. Well, the reporter mostly talked in Hindi in the video but she did use some English words and we are not sure whether the online user was asking her to improve her pronunciation regarding Hindi or English.

It all started when Jyoti Yadav, the correspondent of ThePrintIndia, answered questions of subscribers and gave them an insight of the process of making a ground report. The information regarding the video was given on Twitter and there a person praised Jyoti for her work but asked her to improve her pronunciation.

The online user wrote, “You have done a tremendous work by covering these two big states, however please work on your pronunciation if you can because it’s needed.”

Soon the tweet was noticed by the reporter and she responded by saying that this was not the first time she had been asked to improve her pronunciation but as she had been brought up in village, she was not able to attend convent or English medium schools. Though she apologised for her accent, she also made it clear that her accent had nothing to do with the ground reporting that she did during the coronavirus pandemic.

Netizens were also not happy with the online user and here is how they reacted:
















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