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Man Asks Taapsee To Go On A Date. Her Sarcastic Reply Proves She’s Upset With Scenes Deletion

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Man Asks Taapsee To Go On A Date. Her Sarcastic Reply Proves She’s Upset With Scenes Deletion

Taapsee Pannu’s latest movie “Manmarziyan” didn’t fare well on the box-office but it did create enough controversies to make headlines. The actress and director Anurag Kashyap vented out their anger on social media after three scenes were deleted from the film due to protests made by the Sikh community.

Out of three, two scenes were removed because they showed Sikh characters smoking cigarettes while the third one, which was a marriage scene, was deleted as the bride was engrossed in the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend while coming out of Gurudwara with her husband.

However, in the movie, the Sikh character first removes the turban and then smokes.

The writer of the movie Kanika Dhillon also raised questions and asked, “Since when has my Punjab become so weak, and vulnerable that a woman’s thoughts and desires – and specifically the place where she happens to be going through an emotional angst is perceived as a threat to a community’s morals?”

And this is what Taapsee tweeted,

“My religion never taught me to censor someone’s feelings. I don’t know who gave these bunch of self proclaimed religion saviours the authority to decide what a woman can think and what not. Did u ? And if not will u stay quiet when they tell u what to think n what not ! I won’t !”

Recently, a man asked Taapsee for going on a date on the micro-blogging site Twitter. He wrote,

“Can we go on a date @taapsee ?? tomorrow i hv no office #highhopes, lol 😝”

The angry actress replied in negative, stating that her religion doesn’t allow dating.

Here is what she tweeted,

“Sorry that is not allowed in my religion. Can’t date before marriage. Take permission from the religious army before u even THINK of such a thing Coz apparently there is a check on that too 🤐”

Here are some more tweets by Taapsee which show the level of agony that she is going through after the deletion of scenes:











The director of the movie Anurag Kashyap was also upset with this move of the production house and he went on to say that after these three scenes are deleted, all the problems of Punjab will be solved now.

Do you think that deleting the scenes was a right move or is it the suppression of freedom of creativity? Let us know your views.

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