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Man Cooks For Wife & Shows How Full-Time Mom’s Job Is 80% More Difficult, Twitter Floods In Praises


Man Cooks For Wife & Shows How Full-Time Mom’s Job Is 80% More Difficult, Twitter Floods In Praises

The society that we live in has been male-dominated since ages and as per the social norms, it is the job of the men to work and earn money while the women are assigned the duty of cooking, washing, taking care of home and kids and other household chores. What hurt the women more is the fact that despite working hard for every day of the year, their work is not given much importance. However things are changing now; though the pace is slow, the mindset of people is changing and now they are realizing that it is not easy to be a full-time housewife or a mom.

A video is going viral on the Internet and the social media networks in which a husband is cooking for his wife and telling people that being a mom and housewife is more difficult than 80 percent of the jobs that are available outside. In this video, he answers the questions such as why he is cooking and why the mother of the baby can’t come for help.

The husband addresses the viewers by saying that if they have been around a full-time mom, they would have known how hard it is. He further adds that it is 80 percent harder than other jobs which are available for people in the market or that they can even think of. He appreciates his wife for taking all the pain and says that he thinks he can at least cook for her in return. He also says that he is thankful to his wife and he is sure that he can’t even imagine being a full-time mom. While cooking, he also shows that his wife is taking care of the kid.

Here is the video:

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While the female online users praised the husband for being so sensitive and concerned, there were many male users who took inspiration from him and said that they hope to become like him someday. Here are some selected reactions:












So all you guys over there, don’t just be a couch potato, help the women of your house and be a better man!

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