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Man Creates Romantic Island To Win Back Ex-GF, She Refused But Island Becomes Hotspot For Couples


Man Creates Romantic Island To Win Back Ex-GF, She Refused But Island Becomes Hotspot For Couples

Being in love is certainly a beautiful feeling but sometimes when the trust and respect for each other get vanished from the relationship, it is better for the both the partners to bid goodbye to each other and part ways in a decent manner.

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A 30 years old Chinese man named Xu and his girlfriend decided to bring an end to their relationship last year after which Xu went to live with his parents in his hometown. However, he was still in love and was not able to win his girlfriend back so he made up mind to do something for bringing her back in his life.

Xu thought of purchasing a deserted island which was situated in Hetou village, Yengde city. The island covers only 20-30 meters and surprisingly, Xu spent a huge amount of around 1,00,000 yuan (Rs. 11 lakh approximately) in buying and transforming the island. Needless to say, he did all this in order to convince his ex-girlfriend to come back in his life.

Xu planted many trees with beautiful flowers such as cherry trees, peach trees, pink grass, etc. and transformed the deserted island into a very exquisite one. This was certainly a grand gesture by Xu for his ex-girlfriend but it seems that it was not enough for her and she refused to give another chance to Xu.

However, the good thing is that Xu’s efforts didn’t go waste as many young people have started visiting the place and the lovers are finding it a perfect place to propose to their partner.

World is full of many types of people; while for some, a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and a small gift are more than enough to forget the mistakes and forgive their partner, there are few for whom such a grand gesture is also not enough.

Would you have forgotten the past and agreed to give your ex a second chance if he/she had done such a wonderful thing for you?

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