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Man Finds SBI London Branch Shut For Lunch Break, Twitter Reacts With Memes. Now SBI Responds


Man Finds SBI London Branch Shut For Lunch Break, Twitter Reacts With Memes. Now SBI Responds

The Indian public sector banks have a very poor reputation when it comes to their working style despite the fact that many things have improved over the years. However, one Indian bank has become favorite of Indian netizens as many customers of that bank have come up and shared their experiences with it.

Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about State Bank of India aka SBI and it’s an open secret that their employees are known for asking customers to come back after lunch for getting their work completed. Nevertheless, Twitterati went crazy when an Indian from London tweeted the photo of premises of SBI, London, and wrote that the bank was closed for lunch. He tweeted, “not the SBI in London shut at 12:30 in the afternoon (lunch hour)”.

In another tweet he wrote, “currently feeling very represented”.

Soon Desis flooded the micro-blogging site with reactions and trolled the bank for following the same rules even outside the country. Here are some selected reactions:

However there were several others who questioned these netizens as to what the problem is in taking a break from work for having lunch:

On the other hand, the SBI UK has also responded to the tweet made by the person from London. In its first tweet, SBI UK wrote, “We have noticed your tweet and we regret the inconvenience caused, if any. Please email your query/grievance to [email protected] and we will try and assist you in the best possible way.”

The second tweet of SBI UK read, “Kindly also advise exact date and time of your visit as the doors are never closed during normal office hours. Also, the Bank does not close for lunch during business hours.”

What do you think of this incident and how has been your experience with SBI?

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