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Man Killed Pregnant Neighbour Because She Repeatedly Asked Him, “When Are You Getting Married?”


Man Killed Pregnant Neighbour Because She Repeatedly Asked Him, “When Are You Getting Married?”

23-26 is the worst age for some people because they get bombarded for getting married! Neighbors, pammi aunties or relatives get immense pleasure in asking, “Umar ho gayi. Shaadi kab karoge?”. We feel like shutting them up right away, but we don’t dare to do so, isn’t it?

However, today’s story will shock you to no end. An Indonesian man Faiz Nurdin took an extreme step when he couldn’t handle questions about marriage.

Faiz’s (28) pregnant neighbor Aisyah (32) used to constantly ask him about his marriage plans. One fine day, Faiz got so frustrated with her marriage related questions that he killed her.

According to reports, Faiz’s neighbor asked the same question again and again, which made him furious. Aisyah used to repeatedly compare him with others (Who got married) and ask him to settle down soon.

Tired by her incessant questioning, Faiz took her life. Reports say that Aisyah had invited Faiz to her house; he pretended to be a sweet visitor, but later, he followed her to the bedroom, pushed her on the bed and strangled her to death with his hands. Aisyah tried to save herself and bit his fingers, but sadly, she couldn’t control him.

If reports are to be believed, Faiz was offended by words,

“Faster get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?”

After committing this crime, Faiz fled to Jakarta but the authorities were successful in capturing him.

He had even stolen Rs 8 lakhs and a smartphone from the victim’s house. Now, he’s in police custody & once convicted, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment.
Didn’t he have any humanity that he killed a pregnant women?



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