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Man Selling Milk On Harley Davidson Makes Netizens Go Crazy, See Viral Video


Man Selling Milk On Harley Davidson Makes Netizens Go Crazy, See Viral Video

Milk is definitely of the most necessary products needed for our survival and though there are some people in this world who advise about living a life without dairy products, it’s difficult for common people of India to effectively manage without milk for even a single day. Milk is one such commodity which is required by everyone irrespective of age, status, etc. and many times we get to hear that dairy owners live an ordinary in fact poor life and the assumption got strengthened because maximum milk suppliers used to visit houses on bicycles in the morning or evening.

However, times have changed now and these dairy owners are no more shy in revealing the true manner in which they enjoy their lives.

Recently a video featuring a milkman was shared on Instagram by an online user Amit Bhadana and the special thing about this clip was that the milkman was driving a Harley Davidson. Yup, the bike which has different models, the cheapest model costing around Rs. 11 lakhs approx. and the costliest model priced at 37 lakhs approx!

The milkman is seen with one-one canister hanging on both the sides of the bike and Gujjar is written on the number plate because of which it is difficult to ascertain which city this milkman belongs to.

Here is the video:

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The video has been liked by more than 1,98,000 people, while some are calling it a proud moment for the Gujjar community, few are advising the rider to wear a helmet.

Check out some selected reactions:











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