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Man Shares Video Of Drunk Uber Driver And Complains To The Company. Uber Replied Immediately


Man Shares Video Of Drunk Uber Driver And Complains To The Company. Uber Replied Immediately

There is no denying the fact that cab services have proved to be of a great help for people as now they are free from the hassle of looking for a taxi. They just need to book a cab from anywhere they want and this all indeed saves time plus it’s cost-effective as well. However, sometimes customers have to face unfavourable situations that leave them with no option other than to drive themselves.

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Yes, you read it right! A weird incident happened with a Bengaluru man named Surya Oruganti who booked an Uber cab from Kempegowda Airport. But when the cab arrived, he found that the driver was not the one on the app plus he was drunk. He clicked a pic of the driver and as he had no other choice, he sat on the driving seat to reach his home.

Later Surya Oruganti took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and posted a couple of pics with caption,

“@Uber_India, the ride back from Bangalore airport was not quite what I expected. The driver was drunk and drowsy. I had to pull the car over to the side and I drove all the way home. Pic with the driver in the rider seat passed out.

You need to fix this @Uber , @Uber_Support”

He also posted a video of the driver and wrote,

“Here’s a video of the driver who was drunk enough to not know he was being recorded. He was not the driver claimed by the app either.”

Soon Uber responded,

“This is concerning, Surya. Please share your registered email ID and phone number through which you have requested this trip so that our safety team can get in touch with you at the earliest.”

Surya was in no mood to let the matter go and tweeted,

“@UberINSupport – DM’ed the details.

@dkhos – this driver behavior needs to be caught and handled as it is a very serious safety issue.

This is most common to and from airports at night in India. Having a person checking for this before starting trip should be doable.


In a concluding tweet, he revealed Uber’s reply in this regard,

“Uber safety team promptly called back about 20 hours later. They said I shouldn’t drive a cab because that’s a safety issue. And that they’ll educate the driver whatever that means and might terminate the driver if there’s recurrence.

#sorrynotsorry @UberINSupport @Uber_India”

This is how Twitter slammed Uber for safety issue:









Let’s hope that the cab service providers will be more careful for safety of passengers from now onwards and such incidents will not be repeated.

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