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Man Tried To Troll Swara Over Feminism. She Taught Him The Actual & Complete Definition In Style

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Man Tried To Troll Swara Over Feminism. She Taught Him The Actual & Complete Definition In Style

Actress Swara Bhasker is pretty active on social media, especially the micro-blogging site Twitter and if she has a good number of supporters, there are many who are constantly looking for a chance to troll her as well.

Recently, she attended an event “Express Adda” organized by Indian Express where a BJP member asked her a question as to why the feminists are trying to impose feminism on those women who want to be conservative. He tried to explain this by an example too, as he said that women in Russia and USA are supporting leaders with conservative ideologies.

Swara in her reply said that feminism is all about letting a woman take her own decisions.

In her words,

“Feminism is a thought that there should be equality amongst the genders; and equality not just of representation but equality of opportunity and equality of accountability, which is something that not just women but a lot of communities in India have not had, whether it is caste, whether it is women.”

She also said that she gets abused the most by women only and she also took a dig at the BJP member by saying that you must be knowing some of them.

The BJP member Abhishek Mishra took to Twitter to share a video which contained only his question part. He posted it with caption,

“I questioned left-wing Actress @ReallySwara on attempts of liberal feminists to impose their worldview on traditional, conservative right wing females.

Women have a choice to be right wing world over they are voting for leaders like @narendramodi ji & Putin

@BJP4India @AmitShah”

To this, Swara shared the video link of her answer along with the question and wrote, “Answer bhi dikhaa doh Abhishek ji 🙂 let me help u!”

Here’s the video:

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