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Man Tries To Mock Someone’s English Grammar On LinkedIn, Gets Schooled In A Kickass Way


Man Tries To Mock Someone’s English Grammar On LinkedIn, Gets Schooled In A Kickass Way

The English language is quite important in our country as a person needs to be proficient in English if he wants to get a good job in the corporate world. However, being proficient doesn’t mean that you are entitled to make fun of those who are weak in the English grammar.

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Sahil Vaidya, the co-founder of The Minimalist, made a post on LinkedIn in which he made fun of someone who made an error in the English grammar. He posted, “When someone says, “Your screen is getting stucked, I cant able to it”, you wonder what to fix first: the screen or their grammar”.

While Sahil Vaidya may have made the post just to make his friend and followers laugh, it didn’t go well with Arti Gupta, the co-founder at StyleNook. She posted a long comment in which she wrote that the first thing that needed to be changed here is attitude and she also pointed out some errors in Vaidya’s English.

Her reply read, “Perhaps attitude may be the first thing to fix here.

Since we’re on the topic of grammar, here are some minor observations – a few things you may want to fix. The cant is missing an apostrophe – should be can’t. The comma needs to be before closing quotes, not after. And Co-Founder is incorrect grammar. Capitalization after hyphenation is a cardinal sin.

Jokes apart – it’s easy to poke fun at other people’s grammar. I would understand if this were a remark about a marketing tagline, but it is a jibe at someone trying to do their job and communicating clearly. As long as communication is lucid, in our time and age of a diverse and global economy, one is better off leaving judgment at the door.

Also, you’re missing a full stop in your statement. Just saying’!”

A Twitter user shared the screenshot of the post on the micro-blogging site Twitter with the caption, “This guy got schooled on Linkedin and how!!”

The tweet has gone viral and it has been liked by more than 17k users while around 2.5K people have retweeted it. Soon Twitterati started expressing their opinions in this regard and while some trolled Sahil Vaidya, few people pointed out that Arti Gupta is acting a little smart.

Here are some selected reactions:
















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