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Man Was Cheating On Bride By Sleeping With Her Bridesmaid. What Bride Did Next Is Epic


Man Was Cheating On Bride By Sleeping With Her Bridesmaid. What Bride Did Next Is Epic

Marriage is one of the most sacred institutions and it is said that matches are made in heaven; however, we see many people cheating on their partners before as well as after marriage.

There is no denying the fact that trust, loyalty and true love are among the most important elements that lay the foundation of marriage and if they are missing from a relationship, it’s definitely not an ideal one!

Many people are not able to tolerate the fact that their partners have cheated on them and it breaks them from inside; nevertheless, there are some who recollect themselves and make up mind to teach the deceiving partners a perfect lesson that they don’t forget for a lifetime!

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But what if your would-be partner is involved with one of your most trusted friends or bridesmaids? This situation is indeed worse as the concerned person feels cheated from two sides and the pain is intolerable, agree? It’s even more painful when you get to know this secret just a day before your wedding and the same happened with a bride but the good thing is that the marriage never took place after that.

It’s creditable on the part of the would-be bride that instead of crying, she determined to give it back to the cheaters in a kickass way by taking help from two other bridesmaids who were actually her well-wisher. This was going to be shocking for the fiancé and the bridesmaid who didn’t have any idea as to what would happen and whom they have messed with.

The bride called off the marriage; however, she didn’t change the original potluck plan and amazingly, the groom didn’t have an invitation to attend it. The potluck took place just as planned without any problem and all the people shot paintballs at wedding dress. The groom and the cheating bridesmaid planned to get hitched in Las Vegas on the day when the previous marriage was scheduled. The bridesmaid who was going to become bride made up mind of boasting about their honeymoon as to where they would go and the people who were present at the potluck began to place bids. In actual fact, the couple would not be able to go anywhere as the passport of the groom was with the original bride. Not just this, the bride and fiancé had a shared bank account and she took all the funds from it and closed the account. Now that is called a perfect revenge, isn’t it?

The whole story has been depicted in detail in a series of tweets that narrate the tale of a girl’s triumph over her cheating fiancé.

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More power to this strong bride who didn’t shed tears and tackled the situation smartly.

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