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Man Was Struggling To Pay Bill On First Date. Waiter Came To His Rescue & Made Their Day Memorable


Man Was Struggling To Pay Bill On First Date. Waiter Came To His Rescue & Made Their Day Memorable

Taking a girl on the first date is a very important moment for a man as he wants everything to be just perfect, in fact better than that. A person should never try to show-off and instead behave naturally if he really wants everything to be great but sometimes taking extra pain in making the date memorable can also bring positive results.

A Twitter user Tim (@forwardnotback) was eating his dinner at a somewhat costly place when he noticed a young couple. He could make out with their expressions that most probably this is their first date and he could also understand by observing the man that he was slightly nervous because of the high prices of meals and his promise of paying the complete bill. However, the hero in this episode is the waiter who did something truly selfless.

Tim has described the complete incident beautifully through tweets. Read to find out what happened:

Now this is not what the young man would have hoped, waiter came with the wine list:

It is not every day we saw a girl asking repeatedly to divide the bill in half, which makes one thing clear that she is quite smart and intelligent who understands a guy’s situation.

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We have to praise the man also as he is not getting angry despite repeated attempts made by the girl to pay half of the bill as many men may take it as an insult. The man is determined to make this moment memorable for the girl and doesn’t mind making a hole in his pocket.

The waiter is an amazing person, what do you say?

If you are one of those who are convinced that there are no good people left in this world, let us tell you that you are wrong and some great human beings are still walking on the Earth. Tim’s tweets have been retweeted more than 10,000 times and we request you to do the same and spread positivity.

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What a beautiful incident narrated amazingly! Have you ever witnessed any such thing? Share with us.

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