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Man Who Moved To Bengaluru For Work Returned & Found 6-Storey Building In Place Of His House


Man Who Moved To Bengaluru For Work Returned & Found 6-Storey Building In Place Of His House

Many of us have left our native places and our houses and shifted to another city for the sake of jobs, work, etc. While most of us keep on visiting our native places on regular intervals, there are few who are not able to make a visit for many years.

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Mr. Nagalingamoorthy who is basically from Chennai is also one of those few people. It was in 1988 that Mr. Nagalingamoorthy built his house after buying 2400 sq ft land in Madipakkam but in the year 1994, he shifted to Bengaluru with his family for work reasons. Since then, he was not able to pay a visit to his house because of many reasons such as the departure of his wife. However recently when he came back to Chennai, he was in for a rude shock as his house was replaced by a six-storied building about which he had no clue.

Mr. Nagalingamoorthy lodged a complaint with the Central Crime Branch and after investigation, the Entrust Document Fraud (EDF) Prevention Wing of CCB found out that K. Rajamannar (42) who is associated with a private builder is behind this fraud.

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K. Rajamannar arranged for a person who acted as the owner of Mr. Nagalingamoorthy’s property and after that, K. Rajamannar got the property transferred to his name. The investigation agency has taken K. Rajamannar into custody.

It’s sad but the reality is that document forging, land grabbing, etc. are nothing new in our country so an individual needs to be careful when it comes to property. The best way is to keep visiting your property at regular intervals or appoint someone whom you trust as the caretaker.

Have you also witnessed any such incident around you? Share with us.

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