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Mandi : The Truth Behind The Current Situation Of The Farmers Of Our Countries


Mandi : The Truth Behind The Current Situation Of The Farmers Of Our Countries

Mandi (market place) is among the vital places all over the globe where every human need to go to buy their necessities. We Indians prefer going to the mandi specifically to buy fresh vegetables from the local vendors. Isn’t it?

Do you remember how many times we bargain while purchasing a product, a hell lot a times cause the sabji waale bhaiya is charging more from you? We never really realise how much they’re buying it for, how much our farmers are getting after selling quintals of vegetables to the vendors and why there are some many FARMERS dying cause of burden?

I can bet non of us had the time to think about the Farmers cause we are doing good and that’s what matters. Recently a short film really shook me how the most important people who shed their blood and sweat to give us the finest grains but they’re the ones who are badly cheated and thrown in such situations that they are left with no other option apart from taking their lives away.

Yashowardhan Mishra helmed ‘Mandi’ based on true incident. Starring Kailash Waghmare, Shrikant Yadav, Meenakshi Rathod, Nihaal Joshi. Mandi revolves around how our farmers are cheated because they’re not well versed with their rights and the mean people of the world.

An 8-year-old child also understands his dad is cheated cause the ruthless vendors just wanted to get more in a little money. Ever thought why the vendor is looting him because he is poor and he doesn’t have any monetary support or the courage to prove the vendor wrong.

Watch the beautiful short film here:

The reality is bitter than the reel.

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