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Man’s Thread On Delicious Bihari Dishes Proves Bihari Cuisine Is Not About Just Litti-Chokha


Man’s Thread On Delicious Bihari Dishes Proves Bihari Cuisine Is Not About Just Litti-Chokha

Bihar may be one of the backward states of the country but it is quite rich when it comes to cultural heritage, traditions, history and food. However whenever we talk about Bihari cuisine, we get to hear about only one dish – litti-chokha but the truth is that there is much more to Bihari cuisine than just litti-chokha. Though litti-chokha is one such dish which is cooked, eaten and loved all over Bihar but in reality, the different regions of the state have their own favourite dishes. Recently, a Twitter user from Bihar shared a thread about Bihari dishes and this will be very helpful in making people aware of Bihari cuisine.

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The name of the user is Mausam Kumar and he has started his thread with the tweet, “As someone from Bihar, I often get asked what exactly is Bihari cuisine and most people know of nothing except that litti-chokha. So, I am home for a couple of days and have decided to share some of our meals. I have been eating this since as far back as I can remember. A thread.”

After this, he posts the photo of sattu puri and ghugni which is made of chickpeas and he also talks about dhaniya chatni made by his mother.

The second pic features khichdi, chokha, achaar and papad, a yummy combo we can vouch for just by looking at the image:

The third meal comprised of aloo ka paratha with sweet dishes – gajar ka halwa and rasgullas:

His first meal of the New Year was dhaniya puri and soyabean along with rasgullas:

His lunch of the New Year comprised of kadima, gobhi, peas, aloo bhujiya along with salad:

The sixth photo was of a snack called bagiya:

The seventh pic is of mutton and roti and it is certainly a treat for our eyes, isn’t it?

In his last tweet, he shares that his mother has packed gujiyas and thekuas for him as he leaves for Delhi.

Wow, that was a yummy thread!

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