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McDonalds’ Employee Quits Job & Left Note For Customers, Starts Debate On Less Pay & Pressure


McDonalds’ Employee Quits Job & Left Note For Customers, Starts Debate On Less Pay & Pressure

The whole world has crumbled due to the coronavirus pandemic as many people have lost their lives while some others have lost their jobs; many businesses were not able to survive in these critical times and some of the businesses resorted to laying down the staff and survived with less staff members at reduced wages.

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It won’t be incorrect to say that in this period, we all have become very concerned about our job because we know that if we lose this one, it will be highly difficult if not impossible to find another one. However, there comes a time when a person is not able to handle pressure as the workload has increased manifold but the salary has been the same as earlier, if not reduced.

A couple of days ago, a McDonald’s employee quit his job and he also pasted a note on the drive-thru of the fast food chain outlet which read, “We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job”.

This was shared by a Twitter user with the photograph of the note and when he enquired about it, he got to know that the night shift manager quit his job all of a sudden and before leaving, he put up this note which was there all night.

The language of the note clearly tells that the night shift manager was frustrated with his job as he has clearly written that he hates it.

Soon, a discussion started on the micro-blogging site Twitter which was all about the pressure and problems faced by employees of the hospitality industry, especially in the times of the coronavirus pandemic. While some narrated their own stories, several others gave their opinion on this matter. Check out some of the selected reactions:











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