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Meet The 22 YO Russian Boy Who Created The Suicide Game Of Blue Whale! He’s In Jail Now


Meet The 22 YO Russian Boy Who Created The Suicide Game Of Blue Whale! He’s In Jail Now

If you live on the Internet, you must’ve heard the name of the Blue Whale game and the toll of death it caused in the past some time.

We had reported to you a while back how the game after causing many teenage suicides worldwide has started making its impact in Bengaluru, India.

Just a few days back the game caused its first death in Mumbai and left everyone in shock. A 14 YO old Andheri based teenager became the first Indian victim of this game by doing a suicide.

However, there’s a bit sigh of relief as the Russia based creator of the game Philipp Budeikin has been caught and thrown in the jail.

While confessing his crime to Saint Petersburg News in Russia, Philipp had said in May-

“Yes, I truly was doing that. Don’t worry, you’ll understand everything. Everyone will understand.”

His reason behind creating this Blue Whale game is horrible; he did so because he wanted to “Cleanse” the earth of “Biological” waste.

He said,

“There are people- And there is biological waste. Those who do not represent any value for society. Who cause or will cause only harm to society. I was cleaning our society of such people.”

Talking about Influencing kids, he said,

“At some point, it is necessary to push the teenager not to sleep at night. (In this way, their) psyche becomes more susceptible to influence.”

A Siberian court has now sentenced the 22 YO boy to 3 years in jail.

Those who don’t know Blue Whale game can reach a young teenager on social media sites if they use certain hashtags and get involved in some groups. When the player signs up for the game, she or he is assigned an administrator who provides them with a daily task to complete in 50 days, of which they must send photographic proof of completion. These tasks are initially simple enough, such as watching a horror movie or waking up at odd times, but eventually they are told to inflict harm upon themselves. But on the 50th and final day, they are asked to kill themselves. Those who get cold feet are threatened that the administrator possesses all their information and would bring harm to them or their loved ones.

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